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INFINIT Mud - Mocha Protein Drink

INFINIT Mud - Mocha Protein Drink

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MUD - Pre-race, Pre-workout Fuel & Recovery Aid

INFINIT'S MUD is the perfect pre-workout fuel for your AM workouts, a midday jolt, or recharge after a tough ride. This delicious creamy mocha flavoured drink loaded with protein, premium flax and 3 different carbs will make your tummy satisfied and get you performing at your peak. 11 grams of protein.

MUD is a mocha-flavoured, pre-race fuel or recovery drink loaded with protein, natural chocolate flavour, premium ground flax and 3 different carbs.

Simplicity and effectiveness go hand-in-hand in this all-natural meal that is easy to digest on race morning or even on the way to work. Add just one scoop of MUD to your favourite milk (almond, rice, coconut or bovine) and you are ready to rock your day with a boost of energy and omega-3s. A special blend of exotic coffees made especially for INFINIT gives MUD its tasty flavour and "caffeine like a cup of joe and energy like a granola bar in each serving."

So, whether you are looking for an easy morning boost in a bottle, mid-day jolt, or recharge after a tough ride, choose MUD for your high-octane drink.

Blended with only 100% all-natural ingredients with NO artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

Contains caffeine.

Pedal Inn Pro Tip: MUD tastes great with just water. When travelling to trails, I take a serving size of MUD in a shaker. Then add water after my MTB ride for a tasty recovery drink on my drive home.

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