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SQUIRT Dry Lubricant 120ML

SQUIRT Dry Lubricant 120ML

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Squirt lube is the only water/wax emulsion on the market, all other wax based chain lubes are carried by solvents, and in most cases these solvents are harmful to both you and the environment. Solvents become saturated with wax at a very low wax content, that number being close to 175 max. Water when emulsified with wax can hold much more wax, Squirt has 38% wax content that does not separate like solvent carried waxed lubes, you never need to shake Squirt Long Lasting Chain Lube to mix it in the bottle, and it is always mixed due to being emulsified. SQUIRT IS BIODEGRADABLE, in tests it completely disappeared in 56 days. Solvents evaporate much faster than water. What does this mean* Since Squirt has water as a carrier for its four waxes (one sticky wax and three lubricating waxes), it takes longer to evaporate while at the same time carrying more than twice the wax per application. This means more wax penetrates deeper into the openings between the pins, plates and rollers of your chain with each application when using squirt.

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